New Tricks

I used to work at a newspaper company used to work at a newspaper website and the newspaper decided to merge the two companies in an effort to go fully digital.  Once I had coworker come to me one day.  An older guy who was very traditional in his approach stood at my desk holding a piece of paper.  He was a nice dude, working in a position where he was one of the people who handled things between the developers and the clients, I being one of the developers.  When I saw him standing at my desk silently, I turned and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I got this request emailed to me,” he said, “ I printed it off and brought it to you.”

I paused for a second, turning to look at the two computers sittingon my desk (....why did I have two computers you ask?  that’s a story for another day! ) and asked him, “Why didn’t you just forward the email to me? I could have just op....”  

“I’ll do that now,” he interrupted, and before I could stop him, turned and took off back toward his desk, leaving the printout sitting on my desk.  Twenty seconds later my computer alert goes off notifying me of a new e-mail.  I look at my screen and before I could even open the message, standing over my shoulder is the dude asking me, “Did you get my e-mail?  I just sent it.”  By the third time, I began realizing that new tricks actually are pretty hard to teach old dogs.