The Dreamer


Original Specs: 12x24 in | The Dreamer

The painting depicts a woman sleeping on her side, with her natural hair pressed against her pillow. The colors used in the painting were red for her skin, black for her hair ,shadows and one of her pillows, and green for the rest of the painting including the sheets and her clothing. The muse for this piece is someone who I have known for over 20 years and the image can easily be a reflection of the depth and complexity of our relationship thoughout.

Initially, I didn't love the painting, but as I progressed, I grew to appreciate it more and more because of the complexity of the shadows. The way that the light and dark interplay with each other creates a sense of depth and movement that is both captivating and evocative. The simplicity of the color palette also adds to the overall impact of the painting, as it allows the viewer to focus on the form and movement of the subject. Overall, this painting is a reflection of the beauty and complexity of the human form, and the way that our relationships with others shape our understanding of ourselves.