Who Am I?

My name is Raymond S. Brown III.  I am  a creator who focuses on developing engaging experiences through art and design.  Anything from painting on canvases to drawing on paper and tablets.  I have produced what has been labeled as  compelling art and design projects for years working for companies like The Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com, The Cleveland Cavaliers & The Refinery.  My work has also appeared in many projects around Northeast Ohio, Massachusettes, The Los Angeles area and many other places. 

Outside of this art thing, I would be nothing.  I am just a guy who grew up on video games and hip hop, with a mom who kept me out of the streets and instead kept my head in the books or into computers.  She knew I loved art and drawing, enrolling me in classes like mask making at The Rainey Institute or Drawing classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I’m easy to reach so if you need to, just contact me.