Under Construction


24x48 in | Acrylic on Canvas

Sparked by an image of another dope artist on Instagram, the way Chantr31le's dress looked in the video she shared was amazing.  I reached out to her and asked if she minded me using it as inspiration, and she said she didn't mind.  I dived in, painging each ripple, curve and crease in the dress.  Something about that image screamed strength, sensuality and confidence.  I remember feeling comfortable with the sheets beneath her legs, and the exaggerated nature of her waist and elongated arms.  Throughout the process, I continued to clean my brush in the negative space of the canvas, stopping where the painting is now.  Immediately I felt like my creativity was blocked.  I did what I normally didn't do, and reached out to social media friends and followers, asking what they thought and would suggest as where to take it.  So many comments came back, but I was driven to leave it where it stands today.  The concept of being unfinished, moving toward completion feels uplifting.  I left this as it is almost like a metaphor for the growth of one's self.  I feel like we all aren't perfect, but we are striving to be complete, and striving to become something greater.