Original Specs: 36x36 in | Smoker Series : Exhale


"Smoker Series: Exhale" stands as a captivating portrayal, capturing a moment of profound tranquility and release. The focal point of the painting is a woman, depicted in a state of serene contemplation as she exhales a plume of smoke from a cigar. Each brushstroke is meticulously crafted to convey the essence of relaxation, with the warm glow of the lighting enveloping her features in a soft, inviting aura. Her expression exudes a sense of calm assurance, while the elegant lines of her fingers delicately cradle the cigar, inviting the viewer to share in her moment of repose.

Positioned against a subtly muted background, the subject's form commands attention, evoking a sense of dynamic movement within the frame. This juxtaposition of stillness against a backdrop of subdued tones adds depth and dimension to the scene, drawing the viewer deeper into the atmosphere of quietude and reflection. Through "Smoker Series: Exhale," the artist invites us to partake in the subject's journey of inner peace and contentment, encouraging us to embrace the serenity found in moments of solitary indulgence.