Original Specs: 36x36 in | Smoker Series : Exhale

"Smoker Series: Exhale" for me exists as striking and evocative painting capturing the essence of a moment of relaxation and release. The subject is a woman depicted in the act of exhaling smoke from a cigar, her face a study in calm contemplation. The lighting in the painting casts a warm glow against her skin, richly rendered in shades of brown and almond. I tried to create a striking contrast that draws your eye to her face and hands, highlighting the serene expression on her face and the elegant lines of her fingers as they hold the cigar.


The subject's body is positioned in a way that creates a sense of movement and energy, along with the background being more muted which I think adds  a sense of depth to the scene. The overall effect is one of serenity and enjoyment, as if she is completely at peace in that moment, alone in her thoughts and the pleasure of the cigar. "Smoker Series: Exhale" is work that I attempted to invite the viewer to share in the subject's moment of calm and release.