The Andre Series

Featuring Tres Pilas and Andre 3000


I've created a growing series of paintings featuring the iconic music artist Andre Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000, one half of the Grammy-nominated group Outkast from Atlanta. The first painting in the series, titled "Tres Pilas" captures Andre in a unique blue tone against a striking yellow background. This piece, measuring 36 inches wide by 24 inches tall, showcases Andre wearing a stylish fedora, rendered in acrylic on canvas. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition reflect the energy and creativity that Andre 3000 brings to his music and persona. This painting was quickly snapped up by an eager collector, underscoring its appeal and the resonance of Andre's image with art enthusiasts.

The second painting in the series simply titled, "Andre 3000" portrays Andre in a highly realistic style, donning a beret and an outfit with bold black and orange stripes. Measuring 12 inches wide by 36 inches tall, this piece stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and lifelike representation. Fans of Andre 3000 often find themselves drawn to this painting, appreciating the way it captures his unique fashion sense and charismatic presence. Like its predecessor, this artwork was also purchased by a dedicated collector, highlighting the strong connection between Andre's fans and the visual art that celebrates his influence and legacy.