Under Construction


Original Specs: 24x48 in | Acrylic on Canvas

As I scrolled through Instagram, a vision of Chantr31le's mesmerizing dress caught my eye. I reached out to her, humbly seeking permission to use it as inspiration for my next creation. She graciously obliged, and with brush in hand, I dove into the canvas, capturing each ripple, curve, and crease of the dress.

The image pulsed with a raw energy, exuding strength, sensuality, and confidence. As I worked, I felt a sense of comfort in the negative space, the exaggerated nature of the waist and elongated arms. But as I approached completion, my creativity hit a roadblock.

I did something I rarely do and turned to my social media community for their thoughts and suggestions. The outpouring of support was overwhelming, yet I felt compelled to leave the piece unfinished, as if it were a metaphor for the ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth. We are all works in progress, striving for completion and always reaching for something greater. And so, I leave this piece as a reminder that the beauty lies in the journey, not the destination.