Bare My Soul

More to come

When Dave reached out to me with a simple text, inquiring if I was interested in participating in an upcoming show, it stirred a familiar excitement within me. Having been involved in several events at the Deep Roots Experience over the past couple of years, I recognized the potential of these showcases to garner attention for my work, particularly within Cleveland's vibrant art community in the lower east side. However, this particular opportunity felt distinct, imbued with a sense of significance that piqued my curiosity.

Attending the initial meeting, I found myself among a diverse group of artists, many of whom I was meeting for the first time, alongside the two models who would serve as the focal points of our creative endeavors. Dave, our organizer, commenced the meeting by articulating his perspective on nudity in art, particularly within the context of black representation. He highlighted the prevailing tendency to sexualize nude black bodies in art, emphasizing his desire for our collective efforts to celebrate the inherent beauty of nudity with reverence and authenticity. With vulnerability as our guiding principle, we embarked on a collaborative journey, channeling our interpretations onto canvas through the expressive forms of our two models @the_sativa and @blackhare13.

As I grappled with the canvas, channeling my emotions and insights into tangible form, I awaited the day when our collective creations would be unveiled to the world. Despite the impending solemnity of a family funeral the following morning, I ensured that I would be present for the opening of the exhibition. Arriving amidst a burgeoning crowd, I was struck by the palpable energy and anticipation permeating the atmosphere.

The diversity of artistic expression on display was staggering. Each piece radiated with its own unique narrative, drawing from a shared wellspring of inspiration yet imbued with distinct nuances that reflected the individuality of its creator. It was a testament to the boundless creativity within our community, with each artist harnessing their medium to articulate their truths and perspectives in profound and thought-provoking ways.

As I beheld my own contribution proudly displayed on the wall, positioned strategically as the first point of engagement for visitors entering the space, a surge of emotions washed over me. Initially, a fleeting sense of self-imposed pressure threatened to cloud my enjoyment, yet it was swiftly dispelled by the realization that my aim was not to cater to external expectations but to authentically manifest my vision onto the canvas. As an artist, I adhere to the dictates of my inner muse, channeling my emotions and experiences into my work with unwavering conviction. This particular piece flowed from me effortlessly, a testament to the cathartic power of creative expression.

The evening unfolded as a celebration of artistry and human connection, with each brushstroke and composition serving as a testament to the depth of our collective creativity. It was a night imbued with the transformative power of art, reminding me of the profound capacity of creative expression to transcend boundaries and unite individuals in shared experiences of beauty and introspection.

The Bare My Soul exhibit featured artwork from myself and these other talented artist: