Raydraws Artwork Featured at Canvas

When I received a message from a  fellow artist and friend alerting me to an opportunity to showcase artwork as part of a curated collection by Feverdream in a newly completed high-end apartment complex, I was intrigued yet uncertain of what lay ahead. As I delved into the details, discovering that the opportunity not only offered exposure but also potential funding with the option to reclaim or sell the artwork afterward, I saw it as a risk worth taking. With nothing to lose, I promptly completed the application form and submitted a selection of pieces for consideration.

To my surprise, I received a prompt response, with the request for additional pieces to be considered. Stepping into my makeshift "gallery" within my art studio, I meticulously curated a collection to send over for evaluation. Soon after, a flurry of text messages and a phone call ensued, inviting me to visit the space for a firsthand review and discuss the possibility of delivering five or six pieces for consideration.

Several days later, I found myself behind the wheel, en route to Brecksville, Ohio. As I navigated through some road construction and followed the directions to the address, I was greeted by a striking sight: a cluster of pristine white buildings adorned with sleek black trim. Winding my way through the driveway, I marveled at the meticulously landscaped surroundings before arriving at the main entrance, where the name "Limelight" proudly adorned the wall, evoking memories of a similar sight in Ohio City.

Limelight, as I soon discovered, was more than just a mere apartment complex. It stood as a vibrant community of coworking professionals and businesses, offering meticulously designed spaces, exclusive amenities, and flexible office setups conducive to collaboration and innovative thinking. Feverdream's role in this venture was to curate an array of stunning artwork from diverse artists, enriching the environment and infusing these newly crafted spaces with life and color.

Witnessing my artwork adorning the walls filled me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Brecksville was a territory I had yet to conquer artistically, and the prospect of my work reaching a new audience in such a refined setting was exhilarating. The thought that my former colleagues and friends residing in the area might chance upon my creations filled me with a sense of anticipation. Who knows? Perhaps one of them would be so captivated by a piece that they'd be compelled to make it a part of their home.